Spring Fragrance Guide

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Spring is the time for starting fresh.  Flowers bloom and new life grows.  We can finally open up our windows and enjoy the fresh air while we swipe away the dust of winter and look forward to new beginnings.  And with the changing of the seasons comes a change in our favorite fragrances.  It's time to put away the pine and the cranberry and those warm cozy scents and make way for freshness!  To help you out, we've compiled a list of our top 7 fragrances for spring


#7.  Ginger Lime White Tea - While spring may have melted the snow and brought the sunshine back into our lives, it's not quite all beaches and heatwaves yet.  Enjoy a cool, rainy night with the scent of Ginger Lime White Tea and a good book.


#6. Weekend Spa Retreat - It's time to get ready for summer while getting over the winter blues.  Treat yourself to some soothing self-care and enjoy a weekend spa retreat at home with our Weekend Spa Retreat fragrance, a relaxing blend of Plumeria and Eucalyptus, that will have you feeling refreshed and energized.


#5. Siren Song - We've included this favorite fragrance from our Pirate Collection because it just smells the way a beautiful spring day should smell.  This complex blend of apples, peaches, and grapefruit with delicate cherry blossom, hydrangea, and a hint of vanilla is as light and fresh as it is beautiful.


#4. Rough Seas - Another favorite from our Pirate Collection because May flowers won't bloom without April showers.  This blend of rain and ocean waves reminds us of springtime on the coast and has the fresh, clean scent we love in a recently "spring-cleaned" home.


#3. You Are My Sunshine - Ahhh... the beautiful and unique fragrance of sunflowers.  Need we say more?


#2. Kissed By A Rose - Springtime brings flowers and one of the most iconic flowers is, of course, the rose.  Kissed By A Rose is a true-to-life classic rose fragrance.  Close your eyes and you'll believe you're walking through a well-manicured, fully bloomed rose garden.


#1. Lavender Lemon Breeze - Whenever we make this fragrance, the first thing we think of is spring!  That's why Lavender Lemon Breeze is our #1 spring fragrance.  The fresh floral of the lavender combined with the clean, tart scent of lemons puts us in mind of a clean house - windows open and curtains blowing in a cool spring breeze.  We think you'll agree (even if you haven't done your spring cleaning)!