Pink Skull Wax Melts - "Cotton Candy Sugar High" Fragrance
Pink Skull Wax Melts - "Cotton Candy Sugar High" Fragrance

Pink Skull Wax Melts - "Cotton Candy Sugar High" Fragrance

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Set of 3 Pink Skull wax melts scented with "Cotton Candy Sugar High" fragrance. Fragrance is a combination of the distinctive scent of old-fashioned cotton candy with the mellow sweetness of marshmallows mixed together for a sugar high like you haven't had since you were a kid.
Set of 3 wax melts include one skull with top hat, one with sweatband, and one with headphones.
Total weight of the set is approx. 2oz.

*Wax Melting tips: Use only wax warmers specifically designed for that purpose. Always place your warmer on a flat surface to avoid spilling hot wax. Keep hot wax away from children, pets, and fabrics. Make sure to read safety warnings before use.

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